Timeline for getting a Medical Marijuana Card in CT

From the time that patients sit down with a practitioner who will certify them for their medical marijuana card until they can walk into a dispensary (which is a pharmacy that stocks only cannabis as medicine) is approximately 4 weeks.

The first step is making sure they have a qualifying condition,  symptoms are reviewed and the patient information is entered into the medical marijuana program portal.  Patients then receive an email from the DCP confirming their provider has recommended them into the program.

Next, they will need to follow the steps in the email to set up an account, upload an ID, proof of CT residency and a photo of themselves. Once this is done the wait is about 4 weeks to receive a temporary card via their email.

The temporary card gets them into the dispensary to purchase medication.  A permanent card is then mailed to their home address 4-6 weeks after receiving the temporary.

The certification is good for one year and should be renewed in the 11th month to avoid any lapse in coverage.