Severe Epilepsy Treatment with Medical Marijuana

Cannabis as a Treatment for Severe Epilepsy

Over 20 million people worldwide have drug-resistant epilepsies. This means they have failed to get control of their seizures from the appropriate dosing of 2 anti epileptic medications. These facts underscore the importance for the need for new medications to treat epilepsy.

Since the 1970’s, cannabinoids have been studied in the treatment of epilepsy. CBD reliably delivers a range of anticonvulsant effects with few adverse results and no psychoactive effects. The mechanism by which cannabinoids inhibit seizure activity is still not well understood. It will likely take some time to sort out the incredible complex potential receptor interactions- but hopefully new strains and combinations will provide benefits for the dozens of different seizure disorders.

If you or someone you know is suffering from Severe Epilepsy and think medical marijuana might help you, please contact Connecticut Cannabis to schedule an evaluation. We will evaluate your status and history with Severe Epilepsy and help you understand what options are available for medicinal marijuana in Connecticut.